Est. 2018



Outpatient Services

At Lifebridge Hospital, we are dedicated in providing an intensive outpatient program for both medical and mental ailments that affect one’s well being. We acknowledge that for an individual to attain a steady recovery, ongoing supportive services through a multidisciplinary team is required.

Our outpatient psychiatric treatment program was created to give primary focus on mental ailments and substance use rehabilitation service with supportive services from professional counselors.

Additionally, aftercare program for individuals who have received inpatient treatment is critical in attaining a full recovery.

Services Includes:

  • Medication management: Our medical staff will evaluate the patient’s needs for psychotropic medications, may issue a stay, increase, reduce or change the medications according to the presenting signs and symptoms, including presenting history. By obtaining medication management services at Lifebridge, individuals are afforded ongoing monitoring by follow-up appointments to reduce unnecessary costs from relapses that can lead to unnecessary inpatient care.
  • Psychotherapy: Lifebridge holistic approach to care is to treat the mind, body and spirit. Counseling plays a critical role in addressing a number of areas including but not limited to, anxiety, stress management, depression, and interpersonal relationships. The following services are offered:
    • Individual therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Couples therapy
    • Spiritual therapy