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Art Therapy


Art and Occupational Therapy

Creative activities are used as a means of intervention during comprehensive mental health / rehabilitation. Lifebridge Hospital adopts that occupation enhances health and well-being. It is a basic need and a necessity for human life. It contributes to personal development, stimulates people’s senses and generates positive energy, happiness and satisfaction.

Activities adopted for art and occupational therapy include;

Our Patients are encouraged to create work out plans while in and out of the facility. The facility has ample space outdoors and indoors that enables them to participate in a wide range of activities example easy workouts, team building activities and friendly competitions amongst themselves. The facility also offers a wide range of games like pool table, dart board, table tennis, puzzles, playing cards, scrabble and monopoly among others.

It is for couples who are in a relationship whether married or not. It includes sessions designed to improve problem solving, build communication skills, and identify life goals and responsibilities in the relationships. Other common issues are infidelity, financial problems, illness and other life changes, and anger. Depending on the level of distress in the relationship, therapy can be short term or over a period of several months.

With the help of a professional yoga instructor, our Patients are able to practice yoga that integrates the body, mind and spirit. It helps individuals move towards improving health and well-being. Yoga therapy helps manage mental health conditions, physical conditions and is also an excellent way of avoiding boredom which is a major trigger of addiction. Yoga therapy is client focused and compassion focused too.

Benefits of the Art and Occupational Therapy:

  • Helps our Patients deal with their emotions i.e. anger and sadness
  • It is a great way to relax
  • Helps patients appreciate and focus on the positives
  • Helps the patients examine aspects of who they are and how they see the world and others