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Medical Detoxification

At Lifebridge Hospital, we have a medical detoxification program that is medication assisted, where our clients receive both medications and emotional support as they safely detox.

Addiction to substance (e.g. Alcohol, Tobacco, Heroin, Khat etc.) use is a chronic disease and can lead to dependency to these substances. 

The medical assisted detoxification is a procedure where medication is given to relieve acute symptoms associated with withdrawal symptoms from these substances.

It has been seen that patients with addiction to substances, their bodies become heavily dependent on the substance and any attempt to stop abruptly taking the said substance can cause physical, psychological and behavioral symptoms. Medical detox is therefore recommended for such patients with withdrawal symptoms providing a safe environment for withdrawal from substances.

At Lifebridge, we have a multidisplinary team with vast experience that are qualified medical professionals to help you manage the cravings that may arise from abrupt discontinuation of the substance of abuse. We provide medication and psychotherapy where needed, making it easier and safer to get through than if one tried on their own at home.

The duration of this procedure (Medical Detox) varies from one patient to another and from one substance to another, but to be safe it usually lasts an average of not less than 2 weeks (ideal for the body to stabilize)

Some withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening Examples are alcohol or benzodiazepines which can lead to seizures, delirium, vomiting and cold flashes, and therefore requires to be managed in a hospital setting.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms include:

  • Sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Irritability
  • Muscles aches and spasms
  • Running nose
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Insomnia

Lifebridge Hospital’s 3 Stages for The Medical Assisted Detox

The foremost thing when you first arrive is a trained nurse will carefully review your medical history, take your vitals and examine if there are any symptoms of withdrawals. Through the history, you will further be assessed by a psychiatrist and a plan of care will be formulated that will ensure your comfort and safety.

Vital signs and neurological status are continuously assessed for all patients. Any change is status such as delirium, seizures, blood sugar and blood pressure are immediately assessed and treated.

Medical assisted detoxification is the first step in sobriety. Other medical / mental issues are also treated to allow for a full recovery. We emphasize on psychiatric and psychological reviews so as to create a thoughtful transitional plan that is sustainable and productive to our clients.