Admission Information


The response to COVID – 19 is continuously evolving as we learn new things about the virus. LIFEBRIDGE HOSPITAL has ensured compliance to appropriate infection control measures in order to safeguard both staff as well as the clients who come into our facilities.

All persons who come into a LIFEBRIDGE HOSPITAL facility:

  • Must have a protective mask on. This should be able to securely cover the mouth and nose without needing continuous adjusting.
  • Will find a screening desk at the entrance where temperature reading will be done, as well as completion of a questionnaire, to establish the likelihood of Covid-19 infection.
  • Will be provided with ample sanitization stations and access to bathrooms to wash their hands.

In-hospital admissions

  • All in-hospital patients wear masks for improved infection prevention.
  • On a daily basis, brief Health Talks and vitals are held for in-patients to foster a containment and safety culture.
  • There are limited scheduled visitations at this time due to COVID – 19

What to expect on admission

At LIFEBRIDGE HOSPITAL mental health facilities we believe wholeheartedly that no one should walk the road to mental health alone, and we take our role as your partner and professional healthcare provider incredibly seriously.

The reality is that no amount of professional help or personal care will enable you to walk this path if you aren’t actively committed to it. Treatment involves a willingness on your part to talk honestly and openly, to engage loved ones about tough and often complex issues, to challenge yourself and your beliefs, and to open your mind and your heart to change. You need courage, determination, and motivation – and only you can provide that.

Once you have taken the decision to commit to treatment, the healthcare professionals at LIFEBRIDGE HOSPITAL will go out of their way to provide you with the best possible care along the way.

Admission is the first step, and involves an individual assessment during which you will be assigned both a psychiatrist and psychologist, who will work together throughout your stay at our facility to ensure that you embark upon the treatment plan that is best suited to your individual condition(s) and symptoms.

The initial assessment is conducted not only by the assigned psychiatrist and psychologist, but also by our specialist nursing staff to enable the formulation of a best-fit nursing care plan. The medical staff assess our client’s current clinical needs to determine which therapy program is most suitable for them for the duration of their stay at our mental health facility. The staff may also request blood samples for routine tests and screening.

Clients are expected to abide by the rules and protocols set in place by the LIFEBRIDGE HOSPITAL facility.

For more information on admission and visiting hours, please contact the administration department during working business hours. We look forward in hearing from you.

What to bring with you on admission:

Medical Insurances

To ensure cost effective, accessible and quality care we work closely with all major medical schemes

  • We are NHIF accredited.
  • For the other Major Insurance Schemes, Call your Insurance provider to confirm